Research highlights

White balancing using flash photography
ICCP 2016

Shape and reflectance from two-bounce transients
ICCP 2016

Random features for sparse datasets
CVPR 2016

Cross-scale predictive dictionaries
ICIP 2016

FlatCam --- Thin, bare-sensor lens-free cameras
Extreme Computational Imaging, 2015

Photometric stereo with small angular variations
ICCV 2015

What does a single light-ray reveal about a transparent object?
ICIP 2015

Shape and spatially-varying reflectance from photometric stereo
ICCP 2015

Lab mission

Light often interacts with materials in complex, fascinating ways. Our research devises theories to model these interactions, build imaging architectures to sense them, and finally developing a deeper understanding of the world around us based on these interactions. We bring together ideas in signal and image processing, computational imaging, vision, machine learning, and compressive sensing to achieve this.

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